Friday, September 14, 2012

Deals, Deals, Gluten Free Deals... Get Them Before They're Gone!

Deals Good From Saturday Oct 5th to October 12th

Check Out Current Deals: As they are added

We're Stocked Up On:

Kinnikinnick - Panko Bread Crumbs $3.99 (save almost $2)

Kale Chips - Salt & Vinegar $2.99 (save $2)

Ice Cream Cones $2.99 (save $1)


Udi's - Cheese Only:

$5.99 (save $2.50)



Plain, Spinach, Chipolte $5.99 (save $1)


Fresh Regular Price

FROZEN - Save $1

 Pamela’s Pancake Mix:

Large 4 LB - $12.99
Small 16 OZ - $3.99

GF Pantry All Purpose Flour Mix:

$3.99 (Save $1)

Namaste Frosting Toffee Vanilla:

$3.99 (save big)

Bob's Red Mill Brownie Mix:

$4.99 (save almost $2 a bag)

Camping Treats

Dandies Vegan Marshmallows:

Large - $3.99 (Save $1) 

Caveman Jerky
Chicken or Beef Ind Snacks 

$1.99 (save 50 cents)

Dairy Free Ideas

Amande Yogurt:

$1.29 small

Almond Breeze (original or vanilla or Unsweetened Vanilla)

$2.49 Unsweetened Vanilla (save $2.50)

Good Karma Flax Milk  - Vanilla

$2.99 (save $2) NEW and delicious

Crackers, Chips & Pretzels

Glutino (Ritz Styled Crackers) All Varieties Available:

$3.99 (save $1 a bag)

Falafel Chips:

2 for $7 or $3.49 each (save almost $2)

Snyders Pretzels

$2.79 a bag (while supplies last)

Breakfast Ideas:

Kind Granolas (all varieties, except peanut butter):

$3.99 (Save $2 a bag)

Gluten Freeda Instant Oats (variety pack ONLY):

$3.99 (save $1 a box)

Glutino Cereal (frosted or strawberry or honey nut O's):

$4.49 (save $1.50 a bag)

Simpli - Instant Raspberry Oatmeal:

$3.99 (save $2 box)
$.75 instant oatmeal

Bob's Red Mill 
$2.99 Pancake Mix - 22 OZ

Pamela’s Pancake Mix:

Small 16 OZ - $4.99

Pamela's Coffee Cake- FROZEN

$9.99 (save $5)

Lunch Ideas:

Glutino Bread Crumbs:

$3.99 (save $1 a bag)

Annies Mac &White Cheese Shells


Frozen Chicken Sliders w/ Parm - CLOSE OUT
$4.99 (save $4)

Dinner Ideas


Hamburger Buns - $3.49

Desserts/ Snacks

Crispy Cat (mint only):



GF Cafe - Vegetable Quinoa or Chicken Orzo - NEW:

$1.99 (Save $1.29 per can)


Kikoman Soy Sauce NEW:

$2.99 (Save $1 a bottle)

Clam Juice:

$1.59 (Save $1)

Sandwich Fixings

Follow Your Heart Cream Cheese (dairy free) - California Made
$2.59 (Save $1)


Good Karma Flax Milk

$2.99 for Vanilla

Blue Diamond Almond Milk

$2.99 Original, Unsweetened Vanilla or Vanilla

So Delicious Coconut Milk (large in fridge)

$2.99 (save $2)

Zico chocolate water:

$1.99 (Save $1 a bottle)

Amy & Brian's (all varieties):

$1.99 (Save $1 a bottle)

Emergen-C Pomegranate:

$11.99 (Save more than 25%)

Emergen-C Kids:

$9.99 (Save more than 25%)

Spread the Word and Help Us Grow! 

We’ve depended on community support since 2008 and community support we’ve received. Let’s keep it going into 2012 so we can survive and thrive into our fifth year of business. 

We are a reflection of your support.

Your support:
-Provides Employment to 5 full time staff and several part time staff as well.
-Allows us to buy in bulk so we all save.
-Provides gluten free education to the Sacramento Community.
-Allows us to stock and grow the selection of gluten free products we can provide.

A Huge Thank You!

Have you heard?

For our fifth year we are using our resources to provide you with the best values in town! It's amazing the support that we've received over the years and we want you to know that your support doesn't go unnoticed. Check out our shelf tags throughout the store.

We have more than 200 items on special...some more than 50% off through negotiated deals with our favorite vendors.

See Store for Discount Pricing on:
Udi's, Canyon Bakehouse, Rudi's, Glutino Smart Bread, Schar, Silver Hills & Against the Grain

We always offer the best bread prices we can bargain for. If you find a better price somewhere else, send us an email at and let us know. Please include store name, address (with City and Zipcode) and if possible phone number.

We cannot offer pricing by phone and apologize for the inconvenience.  We can let you know if a specific product is in stock and we make sure your favorite products are in stock when you get here (ask us about our pre-order discount program).

Can't get to our market?  Order Online at:
 need other products?  add them to the notes on your submission or send your order by email.  All orders are invoiced through PayPal or you can call in your credit card information by phone.  Our direct office number for phone orders is: 916-442-5241 ask tto place an order with Melanie

Standard shipping in Northern California is $10 for up to 100 pounds and $15-20 max for Southern California.  Outside of that area?  We can still ship but will have to quote your address.

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