Friday, November 2, 2012

Do Thanksgiving Right with Gluten Free Specialty Grocery -

We've been listening to your Thanksgiving wants and needs throughout the last month and have included a pre-order checklist:

Pre-Order Discounts Available For a Limited Time! 

Main Course: Traditional
Turkey - Gluten and Dairy Free (Air-Chilled) 12 LB Birds in Stock - less than $3.33 a LB


Lasagna - (Vegan or Meat Based)
      Your choice of 4 brands of noodles including a Fresh Option - $3.50 - $6

Chili or Soup - 9 options - just add few fresh ingredients $4.99-$7.99

Soup Gift Baskets

Dairy Free & Soy Free Mac & Cheese

 Miglet's or Zest

7 Sister's Lasagna (just heat)
Veggie with or without cheese
Meat with or without cheese

More Options TBA


Variety Pack - 11-18 Haven on Earth Breads cubed + seasoning -$8.99 - IN STOCK

Zesty - Selection of Zest Bakery Breads seasoned & cubed - $8.99

Regular  or Egg Free - Miglet's Bakery AVAILABILITY TBA

Side Dishes

Mashed Potatoes - fresh - pricing TBA
                                instant - $3

Sweet Potatoes - fresh - pricing TBA

Pumpkin Soup - sugar pumpkins, apples... ect... fresh - pricing TBA

Green Beans - fresh - pricing TBA

Cranberry Sauce - jellied, regular $2.49-$2.99 - IN STOCK SOON
                               or fresh cranberries - pricing TBA

 More Options TBA

Bread Options:

Against the Grain - Rosemary or Plain Baguettes - TBA
                                 Rolls 4 pack - TBA

Dairy Free:

Zesty Rolls - Individual or 4 Packs (pre-order only) - $5.99 

7 Sisters - Italian Loaf  - $5.99 

Mariposa - Rosemary Rolls - $8.49
                 - Sandwich Rolls - $8.49

New Grains - Sourdough Loaf  - $8.99 (pre-order price $9.99 on the shelf)

Breadsticks (special order)
Cornbread (limited supply) dairy free or honey butter

Celiac Specialties - Croissants - $8.49

 Haven on Earth - options TBA

Dessert Options:

Dairy or Dairy Free (soy free also available) please specify:

Pies: pumpkin, apple or pecan - prices TBA
Muffins and Specialty Bread Loaves (pumpkin, banana & zucchini) TBA

Haven on Earth
Zest Bakery

Specialty Ice Creams:
Double Rainbow
Turtle Mountain
Coconut Bliss

Cheese Cake:

Sticky Buns, Scones, Donuts or Mini Cupcakes:
Miglet's Bakery

More Options To Be Announced.  Please let us know immediately if we've missed a product you want us to make available.

Please Place all Orders by:

Priority - November 6th
Secondary - November 9th
Third Rank - November 13th

Last Day - November 14th

after November 14th pre-orders will probably not be available due to limited staffing.  Make special requests at: or

Phone orders can be left on the machine at: 916-442-5241

Please Include
Name (first & last)
Phone Number
Pertinant Information
Credit Card Information can be left by phone message but should not be included by email.

River City Food Bank Gluten Free Donations:

We will be working with a local gluten-free student to gather donations for the River City Food Bank this holiday season. Bring shelf stable products or donate from the store. Gluten Free Options are often not available to needy families. We are trying to make a difference. Thank you for your help.

Small Business Saturday - Get $25 FREE:

 The Saturday after Thanksgiving is Small Business Saturday and we're on that list. Charge $25 or more on your credit card on Saturday November 24th and American Express iwll give your statement a credit of $25.  Contact American Express for more information.

Kickstarter Campaign:

It's official, this holiday season we are saving up for a new computer system to allow us to offer: (1) WIC, EBT, Foodstamps, (2) Online ordering options, and eventually a better delivery system.

Please stay tuned and help us get to our $15,000 goal by spreading the word to gluten free vendors, local businesses and individuals looking to donate a holiday gift to a local business dedicated to serving the local community.  Advertising and Promotional Gifts will be provided to participants.  More information will be available soon. Stay Tuned.


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