Friday, August 17, 2012

Back to School Deals & Ideas / Dining Out in Downtown Sacramento Guide


In stock this week:

Croissants, Bread, Snack Pack Cookies, Snack Bars, Lunch Box Snacks and more....

 Check out some of this weeks deals by clicking here:

Interested in creating fun lunch box ideas for back to school?

Kelly McGuire has some fun ideas that make an allergy safe lunch box the coolest box on the table:


We're currently pinning our favorite ideas to Melanie's pinterest page:

Sunbutter Elizabeth's favorite lunch box:

Send your favorite images to and we will add your pictures to our board and enter you to win a $25 voucher for our market (submit by the end of September 2012):

 Special Occasions coming up?

 We can special order Miglet's Cakes by request for your special occasion.  Call Miglet's to inquire about options at:  (925) 831-9016

or email us and we'll forward your message.



 Dining Out in Downtown Sacramento?  

Check out Gluten Free Sacramento's list of gluten free menus, gluten free accomodations, gluten free warnings.

For more information on how to eat out safely, check out our recently updated article, 'Gluten Free Menus Expand at an Astounding Rate in Sacramento,California'

Please note our apologies to the Celiac Disease Foundation (CDF).  We mis-referenced their organization as being involved in certifying restaurants for safety.  Additionally, it was not CDF that approved a national pizza chain as being safe for individual's sensitive to gluten.  For information on how the CDF supports and educates the gluten free community, go to:
Interested in staying up to date with Melanie on Gluten Free Dining notes in the Sacramento area?  Join her on foursquare and view or  take part in the list making.

Upcoming Events at GF Specialty:


 August 22nd: 

Setting Up Your Gluten Free Kitchen & Gluten Free Meal Planning

w/ Dietician Meghan


(rsvp by email, phone, at store or on facebook)



 August 29TH: 

Reading Labels: Is This Gluten Free?

w/ Melanie Weir


(rsvp by email, phone, at store or on facebook)

You are encouraged to bring gluten free packages, questions and concerns.  There will be a brief introduction to gluten followed by categorical issues including: looking for gluten in labels, eating while traveling and dining out).

Bring: a pen, paper & yourself

light snacks will be provided 

Please RSVP to ensure a seat.

Please Note:

We're struggling on keeping enough sandwich bread in stock.  Pre-Order and pre-pay for yours this weekend with a date of pickup

... and get your Canyon or Udi's Sandwich bread and discount for the month of August.


Special Order Delivery dates* for Udi's Bread: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

Special Order Delivery dates* for Canyon Bakehouse: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

Special Order Delivery dates* for Mariposa Bakery: Thursday or Friday

Special Order Delivery dates* for 7 Sister's Restaurant: Friday


Have a Fabulous Weekend...

Hope to See You All Soon


Gluten Free Specialty Grocery Market

2612 J Street, #1

Sacramento, CA  95816



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